Happy Birthday Daddy

Okay so I don’t actually call my dad “daddy” but it seemed cute for a post title. His birthday was actually yesterday. I bought him a birthday card the week before last and I thought about posting it but he text me earlier saying we may meet up for lunch this week. Maybe tomorrow so I figured why bother send it when I can hand deliver it lol

I watched 2 movies yesterday. One was “The Equaliser”. It was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also watched “Gone Girl”. This was seriously F-ed up. I mean, seriously! It was good though. And I do love some man candy in the shape of Mr. Ben Affleck lol

I found out Monday I got the job I interviewed for last week. It’s only temporary, for 6 months, but it’s a job. I’ve worked at the place before, under a different management and on a different project but the place hasn’t changed much lol I don’t know when I start but hopefully I’ll know this by the weekend. I don’t expect to start next week but who knows.

I’m going to watch Taken 3 now in bed on the iPad so I’m off.



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