Sick again

Well on Wednesday my grandad drop me over to pick up one of the twins. Originally I was going to have Fred for 2 days but when I was there he didn’t want to come whereas Frankie did lol when I got home I sorted him for bed with a bath first. I had my dinner and got him into bed. We picked him up because my aunts car is broke. Properly broke. They need a new one lol

On Thursday I took Frankie to town. We didn’t have the stroller as it is in moms car so we walked to the bus stop. He did really well. He walked from mine to the stop, sat still and behaved very well on the bus and again walked from the stop in town to the swimming pool. I was really pleased with his good behaviour.

We swam for 45 minutes. After we finished we got dried and dressed then headed back to the bus stop. We stopped off at Nan’s for lunch. We had a good day.

Friday he was suppose to be going home but my aunt called me to say Fred had caught a bug from daycare so he wasn’t very well and she didn’t want Frank to catch it so could I hold on to him for another night? Of course. It’s unfair to send Frank home knowing full well that his bro is sick. We went to B&Q with grandad before meeting my nan at Morrison’s to do some food shopping. Frank sat in the trolley and was quite behaved for the most part. He’s usually good.

After shopping we went to nans for lunch then my mom picked us up so we could go visit my great-nan at her residential home. She’s only been there 5 days so it’s too soon to visit if you ask me, it may overwhelm her. Even so, we went and she was a little overwhelmed but Frankie kept her distracted lol

Today I walked Frank (again, stroller-less) round our Nan’s. We had some lunch and then in the afternoon we drove over to his moms because nan and grandad were going to babysit whilst my aunt picked up her new car. She hates it. She says it looks like a hearse lol
My nan and grandad had dinner with my aunt and after dinner I put the twins up to bed. Frank was shattered from getting up so early and Fred was tired from recovering from his sick bug. We left my aunts at 8ish and we popped in McDonald’s on the way as I hadn’t eaten then they dropped me home. I’d grabbed mom some dinner too as she’d just finished work lol
Just chilling now. Suppose to be meeting a friend tomorrow for a drink but I’ve got a feeling it won’t happen. I’ve had a lot of “feelings” about things lately and they almost always turn out to be right. I must be psychic lol



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