I was recognised

On Saturday I watched a film on skymovies called The Heat. It was actually a really good movie. It had Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in it so it had a fair bit of comedy. My kind of comedy lol I’ve also found a pretty interesting tv show called The Fall. It’s set in Belfast and is following a serial killer and the hotshot London detective who is chasing him. The serial killer is none
other than our own resident Mr. Grey aka Jamie Dornan. He is one gorgeous fella and tbh even being a serial killer in Belfast with a sexy Irish accent actually quite “does it” for me, if you know what I mean ;)

So there he is. Our Mr. Grey. The movie, which of course, comes out on February 15th so that is less than a month now. I cannot wait. It’s a film my momma and I both want to see so I expect we shall go see it together :)

Today I had my job interview at mitie. It went really well. I worked at the company 2 years previously for about 7 months. It was on a different project and for a different agency however the receptionist recognised me straight away. She was like “hey, what you doing here?” So I explained about the interview and she said “wow, so what’s it been, like a year?” So I said “try two”. She was amazed 2 years had passed already. They said its ideally going to be a 6 month project, which is great. 6 months of working. Always a winner. They reckon they’ll let me know by the end of this week or by Monday next week. I hope I get it, it’s a great place to work and the role does suit what I’m good at lol

I also have another interview lined up for next Friday at 9:30am. It’s at a hospital doing administrative support. I only applied to it the other day so I was surprised to get an invite for an interview lol so that’ll be my third in one month. I can’t complain I guess.

I’m going to start doing a thing where I reveal once a week (or basically whenever I feel like it) a fun fact about myself.

I am off to watch Broadchurch and then Silent Witness because that’s how I roll lol



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