Go away sickness

Well my resolutions for 2015, that I hadn’t really said much about, were:
1. Swear less.
2. Babysit less.

So far I’ve probably tipped the swearing scales into the fuck-ity fuck fuck zone lol whoops!
As for the babysitting; I started off 2015, day 1, babysitting the twins. I then proceeded to have them the 3rd and 4th then I had Frankie for the 4th, 5th and 6th. That’s a lot of days in a month that’s only on day 12. So it’s safe to say I’m rubbish at resolutions.

I have felt crappy all week. It started off as a simple blocked nose then transformed into a stuffy head, a bit of a cough and then finally angry red sore throat hit. I’ve struggled to sleep since this all hit me. It is mainly down to the blocked nose. I really don’t feel comfortable sleeping with my mouth open, and that has to happen if my nose is blocked or else I cannot breathe. So I’ve found, all week, I’ve been waking up really early. Twice I’ve woke up at 6:30am. Another day I woke up at 8:30am. I also cannot seem to get back to sleep so that’s ended up being the time I woke up and actually stayed up too. I’m exhausted.

Yesterday (Saturday) I stayed in bed most the day and I watched 3 movies. Two of them I had seen and one I had not. I watched “R.I.P.D” and “Underworld: Evolution” – these I’ve seen. I then watched “Guardians of the Galaxy”, which I hadn’t seen. It was quite a good film and certainly up my street in regards to the weirdness of it lol

Today (Sunday, although I do realise this is being posted at 1:46am on Monday morning) I watched 5 movies. All of them I had not previously seen.
I watched:
1. Lucy
2. X-men: Days of Future’s Past
3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
4. Ouija
5. Oculus

Ouija and Oculus are both horror/slasher movies. Ouija was okay but it was a tad predictable. Oculus however was not as predictable. It was weird and spooky. They were both good movies but I’m glad I didn’t pay at the cinema to see them.
The turtle movie was pretty good. I can see easily how cool it would’ve been in 3D. The “Lucy” movie was so strange and ended in a bit of a shit way. I expected more pizzaz for the finale lol
The X-men film was pretty intriguing. It combined the previous movies, as well as the actual prequel (that showed Charles and Eric’s past) and shows an alternative future after one event in the 1970’s is changed lol pretty mind blowing.

So that’s what I’ve done this weekend. Chilled out, feeling sorry for my “little sick” self and watching movies. Hopefully I’ll start to feel better tomorrow. We shall see.



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