My trousers split

Well I house sat and babysat Saturday and Sunday for my aunt whilst she was away. I stayed at her place with the twins. We walked down to the shop a few times, for some fresh air and they quite enjoyed being allowed to walk (even if they were attached to me by reigns lol)

Sunday night my aunt and her partner got home at 10ish. They were both a little drunk and my aunt kept telling me the same story of her falling into a guy on the train haha
Frankie woke up at 2 and wanted to sleep in the bed with me and his sister (as it was her room I was sleeping him) so he stayed in with us. We woke up in the morning with his feet in our face lol

Monday morning I got up with the babies and my aunt said she felt awful. I’m not surprised haha I got home just after lunch and I realised I’d left my new pandora bracelet at my aunts so I quickly told my cousin to put it somewhere safe lol I bought Frankie home with me. He always wants to come with me whenever I say “goodbye I’m leaving”, he clings on and yells “Nan!” That is what he calls me now. He knows my name and sort of says it but “nan” is his default lol I don’t mind. It’s kind of cute. He’s learned how to nod, for yes. So you say to him “would you like a botbot?” And he’ll nod. It’s pretty rad. Almost like a convo lol

I landed myself a job interview for today. The lady from the agency was a bit of a dope though. She seemed lovely enough but I felt like she was a bit condescending towards about how to interview. Like I’m new to the interviewing process. I’ve been in and out of work since I was 18. I’m an old hat at the game now plus I was sent on X amount of stupid courses by the job centre waybackwhen on interview techniques, cv writing, you name it, I’ve been on it lol
So yeah, I was given an interview and it was for a role based near my aunt so I said I’d drop Frankie pants back then go to the interview. So my grandad drove us over there. We had some lunch and I went to put some makeup on. Unfortunately I got ambushed by the babies. Frankie sat in front of me in the mirror and had a little rifle through my makeup bag. Nothing unusual there, he often goes through my handbag looking for my iPad lol

When I was makeup ready I went and grabbed my bag of clothes so I could put my interview stuff on. When I went to put my trousers on I suddenly realised I’d picked up the wrong pair. I’d picked up a pair that my momma bought that were too long in the leg and too short in the waist (I.e. I could barely do them up and the bottoms dragged along the carpet). Unfortunately at this point I had no choice but to wear them. I got in the car and arrived for the interview 10 minutes early so I was pleased with that. There is nothing worse than being late to something.

I went in reception and the lady said the person I was meeting with would be down shortly so I should take a seat. As I did so the metal fastener holding my trousers together pinged off and the two sides sagged apart. Just great. That’s just what I needed. The interview came down to collect me and I feared my trousers would fall straight down there and then lol
The interview went quite well. He said I’d know by tomorrow but when I was on my way home earlier I got an email from the agency lady saying another candidate got the job because he/she had skiing experience. Apparently that’s an advantage that an administrator for a company that’s to do with skiing lol it was a long shot anyway. I don’t live where it’s based so would’ve meant I’d have to stay at my aunts all week.

So apart from some broken trousers, not getting the job and its that time of the month again I actually feel alright. I have a cold at the moment but that’s because my immune system was down from having tonsillitis at xmas. I’ll be fine. Especially as I’m hopeful that 2015 will bring me a nice handsome man to look after me. Not that I need it but after 3 years of being on my own I am actually looking forward to getting to know someone. And most importantly I am actually looking forward to LETTING someone get to know me. If my past relationships have taught me anything then I can honestly say that it is never good to rush anything with anyone. Things will happen by themselves and not a moment too soon. Just let the universe do its magic and eventually everything will work itself out. I hope!

So on the job aspect, all I can do is keep applying for roles and emailing agencies. Something will pop up. After all I had 5 interviews before xmas and now it’s a new year I should have many more opportunities. Watch this space…



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