2015 is here

Well firstly let me just say, waking up on New Year’s Day with no hangover at 7am is great! The twins woke up about 7ish. We stayed in bed watching the iPad for an hour then finally we got up and had breakfast. I got them bathed and dressed then we set of for out nana’s as we were having dinner there. There’s a stretch of path, it’s quite long, near to my nans so i unleashed the twins from the stroller so they could walk it to my nans gate. They were chasing each other. They thought it was great to be running around a little. Which considering how rubbish the weather was, was all the fresh air they’d be getting today.

We had a pretty nice day. My nan had looked after 2 of their siblings last night so they were there too. We had dinner and then watched a film. At 8ish their mom and dad turned up for a quick cuppa then they left. I got home quite late. About an hour ago. My grandad drove me home because it’s dark. I got straight home and stripped my bed off. Then I had a nice hot shower and finally got my tired butt in my nice fresh bed. Which is where I am now.

Haven’t got anything planned tomorrow except sorting some bits out and some washing. I am over my aunts with the twins on Saturday and Sunday so I need to pack an overnight bag.

Secondly, I wanted to update on what I wrote about my FMS challenges. I have indeed restarted. The author of the challenges has decided to post the lists on a weekly basis instead of monthly so you can participate for 7 days instead of a full 30/31. It’s a great idea. As January started on a Thursday this weeks post is only 4 days. Today’s phrase is “The Sky” and tomorrow’s is “Something Yellow”. I’m excited to be joining in again :) only excitement I get lol

2015. I hope it’s better than 2014. I desperately need a job and I had 4 interviews in 4 weeks of not working so that’s surely not a bad thing. It means my cv is being viewed and considered at least. I hope something sticks soon.

For now, Happy New Year.



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