New Year’s Eve 2014

Well I’m finally off my antibiotics so yay! for that lol I felt better on Boxing Day. I had a McDonald’s breakfast and it was like heaven after barely eating for days. Then I went up the cemetery with my grandparents. They dropped me home and I chilled out with some movies, and some food lol my mom was also sick by then. She’d been up the out-of-hours GP in the early hours and they told her straight away she had severe tonsillitis (like me) so she’s on antibiotics too.

On Saturday (27th) me and my grandparents went to my aunts for the day. The kids took their new speedboats down to the canal whilst I watched the twins. Not watched as such because they were actually in bed napping. Even though they’ve gotten over their virus, they still aren’t themselves and for once they needed a nap. They slept for 2 hours!

After they woke up we had dinner and then we watched a movie. Well my grandad and the kids did. Us ladies stood in the kitchen gossiping. As you do lol we left quite late. I got in and had a nice hot shower then got into bed.

Sunday I chilled mostly. Been watching a new tv show called The Client List. Jennifer Love Hewitt is the main star. I love her. She’s also just stumbled into the new series of Criminal Minds so I’m happy about that. I loved her in Ghost Whisperer too.

This week I’ve felt much better. I’ve not done that much. Seen my nan a few times and watched a few films.

Today the twins were dropped off at 3. Took me ages to get them to sleep. Frankie’s got socks sellotaped to his hands at the moment because he keeps picking the scabs on his face. When he had the virus his nose got sore from being runny a lot and then it got infected. As he’s only 2 he kept rubbing and picking his nose and he made it worse. My aunt didn’t know how to stop him. She tried telling him off, everything. Nothing was working and it’s not going to heal fully if he keeps doing it so she thought of the socks. They’re not harming him. He can still pick up his bottle and play. So after his bath I picked a clean pair out and sellotaped them on. He didn’t make a fuss at all. He actually held his arms out the moment he saw the socks haha hopefully his face will heal and the antibiotics he’s on will prevent any further infections.

Anyways they had dinner and I got them bathed and in bed. Tried from half 6 till 8 to get Frankie asleep then Fred took a further hour. Little monkey.
Soon as they were asleep I removed myself from the bed and went downstairs. Cracked open a cider, my first for the holidays and now I’m just watching some tv waiting for the fireworks at midnight on tv then I’m off to bed.

I hope 2015 is a good one.



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