There was blood

Well Monday my throat started hurting so I took a look with my iPhone torch and a mirror. It looked very swollen, red and blotchy. Hmm not good. Yesterday, Christmas Eve Eve (lol), I got a doctors appointment because when I woke up I couldn’t swallow my own saliva let alone a drink of water. So they gave me an emergency appointment. Straight in and doctor takes one look: Severe Tonsillitis. Antibiotics it is.

My nan ran me up the chemist straight away and I took 2 pills as instructed. They felt awful as they tried to go down and I gagged. I thought “what kind of doctors prescribes pills to someone with Severe Tonsillitis?” I was really struggling. I went home later on and attempted to take some paracetamol for the pain, as instructed he said doctor, and instead of just gagging this time; I vomited my dinner up. This in turn caused more pain to my clearly swollen throat and made me realise I could not swallow painkillers so I opted for Calpol and ibuprofen. It’s liquid so it slid down much far more ease than the tablets. I carried on with the antibiotics as luckily they’re much smaller.

Wednesday morning (today!) I woke up and when I went to the bathroom to clean my teeth I coughed slightly and there was blood. I quickly realised, whilst panicking a little, that it was coming from my throat not my stomach. I finished up and phoned our non-emergency helpline for the hospital. They advised me to see my doctors so I phoned them straight away and got an appointment for like half hour from when I called. That’s very quick for my surgery. Usually it’s a week later. So I arrived and the doctor I saw told me not to worry. She says it was just delayed damage from when I was sick the night before. Being sick had irritated my bumpy swollen throat and caused some abrasions but coughing caused some to bleed. Nothing worrying. She told me to carry on taking the antibiotics and the children’s liquid painkillers lol I also have Strepsils and ice lollies so I’m sure I’ll be fine.

I feel dreadful though because I keep waking up in the night because of it. I hope I feel better soon. It’s Christmas Day tomorrow and I bet I struggle to eat anything. I’m currently living on crumpets smothered in butter or Wheatabix mushed down with hot milk. I’ll be finished with the tablets by New Year’s Eve so that’s a good, can finally have a drink or two lol

So Merry Christmas Eve y’all. Have a good one. We are opening our gifts between us lots tonight as they are all out tomorrow. I wonder what I’ll get …



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