2 interviews and a baby

I had two interviews this week. One on Thursday. Frankie stayed in the car with grandad whilst I had my interview. It seemed like a really good company and the interview went really well. Frankie started to get a fever Thursday night and he was really fussy. Friday I had another job interview. This time he stayed in the car with my momma. She desperately needed a wee half way through my interview so she zipped off down the road to Morrison’s so she could run in. She said she took Frankie with her, obviously, but he had taken his shoes off in the car so he moaned when she put him down in the toilets on his bare feet. Floor must’ve been cold lol bless him.

She wasn’t outside when I left the interview but she had text me so I just waited for her. After she picked me up we went to McDonald’s for some lunch. Frankie really wasn’t himself. Usually he’d be fighting to get out the highchair but instead he ate a little bit of dinner, drank some juice and just chatted away to me.

By Friday he had a full blown rash and his fever was going in and out. I spoke to his momma and she said he definitely had the same virus as Freddie so to just keep the fluids up and the calpol etc. He was alright just not himself.

Saturday I had agreed I’d watch both babies so in the afternoon my aunt dropped Freddie off. I got them both in bed and then chilled myself. I knew I’d have a long day ahead of me today. I was correct. We spent most of it in bed. Not necessarily sleeping but chilling. They either had the iPad on watching Peppa Pig of Chuggington (choo choo Frankie calls it). They got picked up earlier. Frankie is definitely still not well. I feel so sad for him. His nose is really runny and it’s making his nose sore :( I hope he’s better soon.

Christmas is coming soon. I’m spending mine alone. I was asked by my brothers girlfriend if I wanted to spend Christmas with them at her moms house. I politely declined. Well actually it wasn’t politely because I tried to be polite and my mom got an attitude about it so I went off on a rant about why I didn’t want to. I do not know my brothers girlfriend’s family so why would I spend my Christmas with them. They’re nothing to do with me. They aren’t MY future in-laws. And I’ve had 1 Christmas in the past that I spent away from home and it was actually with my future mother-in-law and that bitch was batshit crazy. So I’ll pass on Christmas dinner thanks.

So yeah next week I’ll be alone. Yay!



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