“You’re a wizard, Reggie”

Well Reggie and I went to the Harry Potter studio tour in London today. We got on the train at 10am and arrived in Watford at 11:20. We had ages till our tour time slot so we popped to the shops for some lunch. We both needed a wee and there’s no bathrooms in the station, this side of the barriers, so we went down the road and found a pub. By then it was about 12:15 so I said to Reggie that we’d hop on the 12:30 tour bus to the studio tour. Which we did. The bus was a replica of the purple Knight Bus in the movies except this was only a bog-standard double decker. Of course Reg wanted to sit on the top deck so we could see everything.

When we arrived at the studio we printed off our tickets and went inside. As it is Christmas there was a 20 foot Christmas tree when you first walk in. We went to the kiosk that hands you your Audio Tour. We never actually used them. We both had the headphones and iPod hung around our necks the entire day lol

We got in the queue to go in to the actual tour. We could see the gift shop, which is always on the way out, from where we stood. I wish I had more money because I could’ve bought so much more than what I did…

We walked around the tour in 2 hours. We took lots of photos, of both the stuff we saw and ourselves standing in front of things. We walked through the Great Hall which was amazing. We stood on the bottom deck of the Knight Bus. We both agreed we didn’t want to try “Butterbeer”. Everyone I spoke to beforehand, who had already visited, said it had a horrible taste and usually got tipped down the drain so we didn’t bother.

We went round the last leg of the tour and ended up in the Broomstick area. Basically you sit in a green room and follow the screen which tells you when to lean, which side to lean and when to wave. On the screen you are flying a broomstick when in reality you are sitting on a broomstick that is bolted to a box, which doesn’t actually move lol we both had a go and pictures are taken after. I told Reg we would get 1 photo each. We also had a photo done of us sat in the “Flying Ford Anglia” so we got 3 photos in total. One of Reggie on a broomstick, one of myself on a broomstick and one of both of us in the Flying Car.

Photo 29-12-2014 8 43 09 pm

Photo 29-12-2014 8 42 01 pm

Photo 29-12-2014 8 42 36 pm


We managed the tour in about 2 hours and 40 minutes. We went through the gift store and it was hectic. Reggie picked out a light-up wand and I chose a Gryffindor Prefect badge. We paid and extracted ourselves from the store lol

We got back on the “Knight Bus” lookalike and then were back on the train home. It was dark by the time we arrived back where I live. We got a lift home and Reg said he wanted to watch a film and guess which he picked… Yep, that’s it, he chose Harry Potter. Number 8 to be precise. His mom came to pick him at half 7 and Frankie ended up being swapped in his place. I don’t mind, I love having the twins anyway. It was because Fred is sick, he’s got some shitty virus and she was hoping Frank wouldn’t catch it if he’s not at home. I bet he does though.

So Frank is here till Friday I think. I have an interview tomorrow and Friday but we’ll work it out between us what to do with little man whilst I am indisposed.



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