Happy Birthday Babies

Well today is the twins 2nd birthday. I can’t believe they are 2 years old. They also had their taster session at nursery today. They had a 2 hour slot. The first hour their mom and dad stayed with them, the second hour they were left at nursery by themselves. They did okay for 2 year olds. When you ask Frank if he’s going to school he shakes his head. Fred seems more enthusiastic although that’s because he’s far more sociable lol
Apparently they’ve got a 2 hour slot on Friday at teatime so they’ll eat there too. That’ll be interesting, getting them to sit down nicely together when they’re not exactly in their comfort zone.

It is also my Nan’s sisters birthday today. She would’ve been 62 but she passed away 4 years ago. The twins were born on what would’ve been her 60th which I’m sure I’ve talked about before. I’m sure she’s the reason they arrived so safely, given the fact that bad stuff can happen in a twin pregnancy, especially identical ones who share everything in the uterus lol

I’m getting my haircut tomorrow, moms paying as part of my Christmas present. It needs doing because it’s gotten long again. I love having it done at the salon because they give it a lovely wash and a condition then they massage your head. Then they blow dry and straighten it after they’ve cut what you want off.

Reggie’s being dropped off tomorrow evening as we are finally going to the Harry Potter studio tour in London. I can’t wait and neither can he :)



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