Fred’s first solo sleepover

Well as the title suggests, Fred slept at my house on his own for the first time. Wednesday my Aunt was up the hospital with Frankie because she had a follow up doctors appointment after he hurt it last week and this doctor recommended an X-ray (the first doctor should’ve sent her for one in the first place). An X-ray revealed he’s fractured a bone in his foot. Not that you’d know it with him jumping around on it lol anyways, they said they wanted to cast it and would need to do so with him knocked out as he’s so young so my aunt kept him as nil-by-mouth. Then at the last minute the surgeon decided not to cast it, saying as he broke it almost 10 days ago it had started to heal and he walked fine on it so it should heal normally. My aunt phoned me and asked if I wanted to take Fred for the night, give Frank some time with his momma, and if they get on okay then at least she knows they can go a day without each other. So she dropped him off then went to my Nan’s for an hour incase he didn’t settle and she had to drive to get him. He was fine. As in like he seriously did not give a damn lol

I gave him dinner then got him in the bath. After watching some tv with his bottle, he went to sleep. He slept perfectly fine and Thursday we spent at my Nan’s. We had lunch and dinner there too. Fred was much calmer and less rambunctious without Frank around. Friday he got picked up and we decided to swap. I took Frank home with me. He randomly kisses you. He was sitting on my lap watching tv and turned round with his kissy face. It’s quite cute really. He forgets to call my name and keeps calling me Nan. It’s really annoying lol

Saturday we got up and watched some Thomas the tank (or choo choo as the twins call it) in bed. Then we had some breakfast, then I bathed him and got him dressed. Mom watched him whilst I had a quick shower. He wasn’t happy about that and when I peaked round the shower curtain he was stood in the bathroom doorway looking really sad, bless his little whiney socks. When we were ready we went to Nan’s as we were going to the twins birthday party in the afternoon and obviously as I had one of the birthday boys with me, I had to go over early so he could get changed and match his brothers attire lol so we left at half 3ish. The party was pretty fun and the kids enjoyed it as their paternal Nan (who’s house it was hosted at) had bought them an inflatable Thomas pool which she filled with plastic balls. The kind you get in a ball pond at an indoors play area. The same kind I have all over my house and my bathroom lol
We did the cake and they attempted to blow out the candles. It was hilariously cute and they had about 4 attempts at it. They kept saying “more” after they’d blown them out so my aunt relit them. Frank had done a poop so I changed his nappy and whilst at it I got his new Pjammas on. At 8 my nan and grandad and myself decided to leave as most of the other guests had left. As I was leaving I said goodbye to the kids, then I said bye and gave Fred a kiss. I went to give Frankie a kiss and goodbye and he flung his arms around my neck and yelled “no”. I laughed and said “what, you coming with me?” And he his mom went “if he wants to then he can because we are coming over to moms for dinner anyway”. So she put his new thermal jumper on and away we went. He fell asleep in the car and when I got in I carried him up to my bed. He stayed asleep and was still snoozing when I removed his jumper. He curled up under my duvet and that was that. I was shattered but also hungry so I asked my mom if she’s grab me some food on her way home. Unfortunately I fell asleep and didn’t hear my phone buzzing when she finally got back to me an hour or more after I’d first text her. So I missed out on a McDonald’s lol typical. I woke up at 1am and was starving so I made myself some cereal then I got back in bed. Finally I dozed off again then Frank woke up at 6. I managed to keep him in bed with some Thomas on the iPad lol he’s a good boy really because this allowed me to doze a little for about an hour. If Fred had been here too that wouldn’t have been possible lol

We went round my Nan’s as we were having dinner there. My aunt was too which was why I said Frank could stay the night as she was coming over already today so she could pick him up after dinner. She called up saying she wasn’t going to make dinner because she had a dodgy stomach but could we plate up the kids dinners for when her partner picks up Frankie and his sister, who was staying at my Nan’s. We had dinner, which Frank didn’t eat much of, and then we chilled out. They got picked up later on and I went home. I had a shower and washed my hair then got into bed.

I’ve been catching up on my tv shows a lot lately. I finished my latest book in the challenge but I haven’t picked up another yet. I started a new one but I’m only 4 pages in so I don’t know yet. I have been watching stalker and I finally watched the series finale of Hart of Dixie. I think the new series starts in January. All my other shows are on a mid-season break for the festive period. Will have to just fill my time with more reading and maybe some movies. I watched Maleficent that I got through the post from lovefilm. It’s a pretty good film as I’ve never seen Sleepy Beauty but I know the storyline so it was interesting to see from the “villain’s” point of view.

Not up to much tomorrow but I have 2 interviews this week, the Harry Potter studio tour on Wednesday with Reggie and it is the twins second birthday tomorrow



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