Dentist sucks

So day 3 of the advent calendar game lol it is probably the only part of christmas, that as an adult I still enjoy.

I had my long anticipated dentist appointment today. As you’ll remember from my to-do post a while back. Well the dentist told me I’m starting to get slight gum disease in the teeth at bottom right, the ones that surround my half-peaked wisdom tooth. She says its most likely due to the fact that I can’t or haven’t been cleaning the wisdom tooth as thoroughly as I should and some food has gotten under the gum. She wanted to do a full deep clean there and then. I was like “woah Nellie, no way, I can’t afford that right now. Will my teeth fall out if I wait a while?” She said no so I asked for remedies to keep it at bay. She suggested Listerine Totalcare mouth wash and a new firmer toothbrush. So I purchased these from Morrison’s once I’d paid my dental bill. I don’t fancy the idea of a “deep clean” lol it sounds hellish and that’s saying a lot as I’ve had a few fillings in the past and all of them I endured without any anaesthetic.

The twins are here tonight. Fred pushed Frankie off the windowsill in their bedroom Monday and Frank wouldn’t walk, he kept crawling so their mom phoned the doctor up but by the time she’d taken him for the appointment he’d started walking and he seemed fine if you touched his feet and legs. The doctor said to just keep an eye as it didn’t look broken or even bruised. He seems fine to me. He’s just a little whiner but tbh if my bro had shoved me off something I’d be pissed too lol so they’re here overnight and most of tomorrow. They’re in bed asleep and I’m in bed reading. I’ve finished Family – book 4 in “the girl in the box” series and I’ve just started book 5 – Omega. I love these books.

It’s 2 weeks today that Reggie and I go to Watford to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I reminded him of this earlier and he was really excited. Me too. It’s going to be such fun as we don’t spend much time together as he has school commitments and football training etc. Plus I often have the twins to give their mom a break lol so yeah, 2 weeks and it’s wands, magic and wizards for us little geeks. I can’t wait.



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