Paddington Station

Well as you know already; I met someone yesterday on a total “blind date”. Like, literally, I had no idea what he looked like. I do now. He’s my type so I was relieved when he picked me out the crowd. I was also relieved he had showed up lol especially after the journey I’d had. Apparently this week the National Rail decides they simply MUST do rail repair works somewhere between the station I live near, and another one a few stops down the line towards London. Suffice it say when I arrived at my station to board the train and found a replacement bus services instead: I panicked. Not because there’s anything wrong with buses. I use them locally a lot! It’s just I don’t travel that well on them, especially crammed in. But it’s the duration that’s the problem. You see I suffer from motion sickness and if I’d had to get a bus from my little town up to London Waterloo I’d have keeled over and puked within maybe 40 minutes at most. It turned out however that the bus replacement was just between my station and Woking. So the bus journey was approximately 25 minutes. Do-able. So I suffered it. At Woking I got on a train and within half hour I was arriving at Waterloo.

So I’m at Waterloo and I’m waiting for this guy to show up and he’s text saying he’s on his way. I realise I’m desperate for a pee so I locate some toilets and in I go. As I go in there’s a sign that says “30p to pee”. I see no means to deposit said money and no means of “stopping my entry” so I go in and do my business.

I’m walking back towards the centre of the station and this bloke is walking up to me. I suddenly realise who he is and relief washes over me. By this time it was about 8:45. We walk to the exit as we agree it’s better to go find a hotel first then decide what we’d like to do. Unfortunately we picked the night that the rugby is on so Central London is buzzing but also hectic. We try a few hotels outside and they’re all booked up so London Guy suggested we jump in a taxi and head further afield from the centre as the hotels will be more freer the further away you are. I agreed. It seemed logical. We ended up in Paddington near where he lives. We tried a couple of places but one had a separate toilet and I wasn’t comfortable having to leave the room in the night to pee. Don’t get me wrong, I’m brave and that but I’m not stupid. Also, how would that look: I go all the way to London to meet a “strange” guy for the first time and instead of being murdered by him, I get knifed in a hall way of a sleazy hotel by a random guy? Not good, right?
So we settled on a hotel, paid and got the keys. He said he’d go to the shop down the road for munchies and drinks so I locked the door and turned the tv on when he left. He came back and I cracked open a Magners. We spent some time chatting and getting to know each other. Overall it was a good meet. I went to sleep about 3 and woke up about 11. He had to get off to work and I wanted to start making my way home. We said our goodbyes and off we went.

I walked from the hotel to Paddington station. It wasn’t far and the sun was shining for a change. I stopped in the McDonalds next to the station for some “breakfast” but as it was so late they’d swapped the choices back to normal meals so I had some cheese bites and a chips. I got on the tube and arrived in Waterloo at 12:45. The next train from there to Woking was 1:11 so I didn’t have to wait too long so I grabbed a drink from a shop and found my platform. At Woking I had to wait almost an entire hour for the next replacement bus to home. It’s Sunday so the times gets further apart. I hadn’t thought to bring socks. It was cold as by time I got to Woking it was 2 and my feet were freezing when my nan picked me up from the station at home. I went to hers and had my roast dinner she’d saved me. It was nice and just what I needed.

Finally I got home a while ago and had a nice relaxing bath. I’ve been reading again, finally. I demolished the new James Patterson book from the Alex Cross series in less than 24 hours lol so I’m hoping to actually hit my book challenge target. I’ve purchased the next 2 books in the “Girl in the box” series so they’ll keep me amused. If I read both of those this week that’ll mean I’ll only have to read 4 more to hit it. It’s not December YET so I have time.

Watching this space lol



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