Macey turns 1

Well yesterday I had a job interview. I was late. Not a great start but it wasn’t my fault. We got stuck in traffic and then the address on the email took us to the wrong place. Luckily it just took us further down the road. I had to walk all the way back up in the rain though lol
Finally got in there, 8 minutes late. I had explained why I was late when I had phoned my contact to ask where the office was as the address had landed us else where. He was okay about it and said that its weird the map took us down that bit. Anyways, I had a first hand look at the role for an hour then I had an actual interview with 2 ladies. It seemed to have gone really well so hopefully they’ll offer me be job. Who knows though …

The twins were dropped off at lunch time. I was at my Nan’s so they were dropped there. At half 4 my grandad drove us 3 home and I got them indoors and occupied so I could tidy up the kitchen before cooking dinner. I cooked them dinner and for the most part they ate it. Frank choked on some chicken and after I saved him, and he spat it out, he wouldn’t touch anymore chicken. Can’t say I blame him, bless. He ate a lot of peas and sweet corn. I did too many. When I let him down from the table, I was clearing up some peas he’d dropped and Fred thought this was the opportune time to throw his entire dinner plate on the floor. However instead of it hitting the floor, half of it landed on me. I was furious. He knew it. I let him out and then spent 10 minutes picking up his dinner off the floor. After dinner I got them bathed and into bed. Took an hour to get them both off to sleep. Frankie was a good boy and was asleep within half hour – which includes him drinking a 9oz bottle of milk. Fred took longer as he was playing up. Naughty boy.

Mom grabbed some food on her way home from work. This was about half 9. We watched Emmerdale then both went up to bed. I fell asleep about 1ish and the babies woke up at 6ish. Tried to get them back to sleep but they weren’t having it lol

They got up at 7:30 to go downstairs. I gave them some breakfast and let them watch some Peppa Pig on the tv. At 9:30 I got them in the bath, dressed and all set for the day. At half 10 I got myself dressed, put their stuff together and off we went in mom’s car. She had to pop to pick something up from a friend so she said we might as well drop the twins home. We dropped them at 12 and then swung past a Sainsburys store to grab a birthday present for Macey. It’s her 1st birthday on Monday and her momma is throwing her a party today.
I picked up a little top and leggings set.

We arrived at the party 15 minutes late. Took us ages to get home from the shops and I had to get changed because Frankie had wet through his nappy on the journey home and I picked up him so I ended up with a wet patch on my top lol

Macey was asleep. When she finally woke up her mom opened the presents. Macey wasn’t too bothered, she just sat on the floor with her and watched. I had put a birthday badge in her card and when she found that she kept hold of it. It was funny, a 39p badge kept her amused more than any of the presents lol kids ay!

We left at half 3 when it was finished and I came home to finish tidying up behind the mess the twins left lol

We had dinner at 8. My eye was so sore and itchy at this point, it had been annoying me all day, that I had been laid in bed with my eye cooling mask on it lol

After dinner and a glass of cider I came back up to bed to chill out. I’m currently laid in bed texting and messaging. No TV or films. And I’ve got my bad eye covered so everything is being squinted at by my good eye that isn’t covered lol it’s giving me a headache so I’ll probably go to sleep soon.



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