MRI, what?

The twins left mine at 1pm and I tidied the house up, did 3 loads of washing the dishes then went upstairs to chill for a couple of hours before my appointment. I fell asleep but I must’ve known I was sleepy at some point and set an alarm because at half 5 my alarm woke me up.

Well I had my MRI today and boy was it weird. I had to remove all metal piercings. So that was both my earrings, the stud in the top of my left ear and my belly bar. I also took out my metal hair clips. Then I signed a form and waited in the waiting room.

I was called in to the MRI area within a few minutes. I laid down on a sliding table and was told to get comfy then lay still. The nurse fixed a weird contraption to my head and then placed headphones over my ears. She gave me a squidgy thing to hold and told me to squeeze it at any point if I need assistance. The scan lasted 10 minutes and the doctor told me half way through how long was left. His voice cut through the music I was listening to. The machine makes a tremendously loud whirring sound the entire time. I think the 10 minutes was all I could stand. Any longer and I’d have had enough.

After my appointment I grabbed a can of coke from the machine near reception then I walked away from the hospital to catch a bus. In the end my mom picked me up at 7:30 and we went home to have some dinner. She’s now downstairs watching casualty and I am in bed watching blue bloods. I should have the results back in a couple of weeks or so.

We are having dinner at Nan’s tomorrow. Sunday lunch. Should be good.



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