A fever of 104

Well the twins were dropped off yesterday evening. I fed them and got them into bed. Mom and I had some dinner and eventually I went up to bed myself. At 3:30am Freddie woke up crying and I soothed him like normal but he wouldn’t settle. He sounded like he was in pain. Eventually he settled, I think he exhausted himself because he just suddenly fell asleep laid on my chest – like a baby which is cute considering he’s a month shy of 2 years old.

At 7am they both got up and Fred was not a well bunny. He seemed overly hot and he wasn’t happy. He kept crying and he was breathing really fast so I phoned up my doctors and made an emergency appointment. They were great even though he’s not registered there. They put him as a temporary patient.

At 10 I strapped them in the stroller and we set off for his appointment at 10:30. When I got to the surgery I had to fill out a form so I left them both strapped in the stroller whilst I quickly filled that in. Then I let them both out. Frankie, feeling 100% healthy, took to running around and being a very energetic boy. Whereas Freddie just sat on my lap holding his Georgie Pig teddy, with his head resting on my chest.

I took them both to the room allocated when Freddie’s name was called. The doctor took a look at him. She looked in his ears and his throat. She listened to his chest. I’m surprised she could hear as he was screaming and Frankie was crying in sympathy. She took his temperature and it was 104. That’s very high! She told me his throat was red and so was his ears so she wrote a prescription for some antibiotics. She told me to get him some Calpol and Nurofen for his fever. She said the Calpol should take it right down. As soon as I left the doctors, mom picked us up and we ran straight up the pharmacy to get all the medicines.

After the pharmacy I went to Nan’s as some guy was coming out to fix my radiator and to do so we’d had to stand my bed up against the wall and remove everything from underneath it. It was easier to keep the twins away whilst it was being fixed. He was suppose to come by 12 but it’s 12.15 and he hasn’t so mom phoned them up and they’ve said the engineer will be out this afternoon as the original guy scheduled didn’t turn in this morning as it was meant to be his day off. Go figure!

Fred has had Calpol and his antibiotics. He took them both without a fuss and he’s currently asleep on the sofa. He looks unwell, he’s so pale bless him. I hope his fever comes down. The doctor says she’ll give me a call later on to check up and she wants to see him first thing tomorrow just to make sure he’s okay. She’s very efficient. I like her.

They’re at mine till Saturday morning. I got my letter through for the MRI. My appointment is Saturday at 6:25pm. Wtf! So random. And so quick. I only had the original ENT appointment the Saturday just gone. Talk about fast turnover lol It means I can’t go to my cousins party though which is a shame.

Anyways gotta go, baby duty calls in the form of a stinky butt.



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