Day 2

Well, I’ve been unemployed (officially it starts Friday) for just 2 days and I’m bored already.

The weekend just gone I spent my Saturday morning at the hospital for my ENT (ears, nose and throat) appointment. I had a specialised hearing test and then I saw a consultant. The test showed no obvious signs of hearing loss. I don’t see how when I have to watch tv with subtitles on if it’s too late at night to turn the volume up lol She suggested a Nasal Endoscopy. I wasn’t sure but I wanted to find out what’s causing the earaches and hearing problems so I agreed. It was weird. She squirted some numbing stuff up both nostrils and then fed a camera down to see if there’s an obstructions etc. There wasn’t. That’s great lol the consultant said she has no idea what the cause is and thinks to be safe we should do an MRI. So I now I just have to sit and wait for an appointment date via the post.

In the afternoon my aunt picked me up as I was staying at hers so I could watch the twins that night for a few hours. They all went to a party as my aunts father-in-law had turned 60 and had a party for it. She didn’t want to take the twins for too long or too late so at half 9 she drove them home and I put them to bed. It was so funny, I made up a bottle each and called out it was bed time. Fred went all the way up to his bed, climbed in – shoes on still and pulled the duvet up to his chin. I went in the bedroom and went “oh Fred, you’ve still got your shoes on mate”, to which he pulled back the duvet and stuck his foot in the air as if to say “well take them off then” lol by now Frankie had gotten to bed too. So I stripped Fred down to his babygro and gave him his bottle. Tucked the duvet under his chin and then moved to Frankie. Did the same and then kissed his head, kissed Fred’s then shut the door.

Sunday my aunt drove me to Nan’s and I had Sunday roast with her. It was quite nice and peaceful. Just the 4 of us. Me, my nan, my grandad and my great-grandmother.

I fired off my resignation email to work at about half 5 on Sunday. I felt so relieved as I hit send.

I had a job interview yesterday at 11:30. I had to get a taxi. That cost me £11.50. The interview wasn’t bad but the job isn’t exactly for me for many reasons. The location for a start. The duration of it coupled with the actual start date. I’d be working approximately 6 weeks total, and that isn’t immediately. It would be from next month. I need to work now, not in 6 weeks or whatever.
I had a telephone interview at 1pm. This sounded a much better opportunity. The guy says he’ll let me know either way by the end of the week.

I have a possible interview next Tuesday. I just need to fill out some forms and email them back then I’ll have an absolute on the interview date and time. This is for a reception role in Farnborough, so it is very nearby.

I am currently catching up with Blue Bloods season 4. I love it. I’ve been reading again too. I’m on page 318 of my current book, which I’ve updated on my challenge page.

I am helping my mom tomorrow as its Wednesday and she looks after my cousin and my great-grandmother. My cousin is 11 months old. Apparently she’s close to walking, that’ll be interesting lol so an early morning for me…



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