And like a ninja, I was gone…

Today was the worst day at work. I don’t even know how because I have had worse days, or so I thought. It started off crap because the SM (sales manager) kept telling me I had to get certain things done – phone suppliers for cost prices so we can book in and invoice tickets. Now to me, that’s not a priority. I have 101 things to do already so this was just yet another thing to add to my list. Now that’s fine. Tell me what to do, add to my list, fine, fair enough. But stop coming over to my desk or asking me every hour if I’ve managed to get the prices and clear some invoices. I was busy. I had a backlog of stuff from month end and I was still clearing it. I also had queries in my inbox that I hadn’t looked at yet and other various tasks that made me wince whenever I thought about them. But no, your task is 100% more important. So I did my best. Then in the afternoon the BM (branch manager) came storming into the main office calling for quiet and for everyone to listen. He had a fit saying that we are a team (okay fair enough) and if the phone is ringing and everyone in sales is busy then SOMEONE, and he means all departments, need to pick it up. If anyone has a problem they need to see him. Like we’d say if we did. But I did. I don’t get paid to answer phones. I’ve never been trained to handle the calls and I sure as hell don’t have the fucking time to answer the calls. I’m pretty sure that everyone in the office thinks I sit on my arse and do fuck all. I hate to break it to them but I really don’t. I barely have enough time in my 9 hour day to get my stuff done. I often work through lunch but oh no, now I must pick up the phone. So I spent the remainder of my day in stressful fear that I’d be called out for not answering the phone when it rang.

It was at that time, I realised I didn’t want to work my last week. So I worked all the way up to 6pm. I deleted everything from my computer, wrote out post-it’s for the girl who’ll do my job when I leave, packed all my stuff – stationary that I purchased and anything else. I then stuck my “out of office” on that says I no longer work here and left the office like a ninja. No one will know that I am gone until I fire away a quick last minute email to my manager on Sunday night saying I’m not coming back. I can imagine he’ll be annoyed but I actually no longer care. They never once treated me like I was actually part of the team. I always felt left out. It’s sad really.

Anyway, I am glad it is over. I just need to desperately find a new job. Even just something temporary until the New Year. I have a job interview on Monday and a telephone interview the same day for a different role so that’s 2 prospective roles.

I have my ENT (ears, nose and throat) appointment at the hospital tomorrow. I really hope they say they know what’s wrong with my ears because I feel like no one takes my ear problem seriously. It’s no joke that I have to watch tv with the volume up high or with subtitles on (if it’s too late for loud tv). And the painful pressure I feel even when I don’t have a cold or ear infection? It’s been hurting much more lately.

I haven’t eaten dinner tonight. I didn’t feel like it. So I’m gonna grab an early night tonight and get some sleep because I was really narky with my BFF earlier and I think he’s mad at me. I forget he’s not my official anything so it’s not his job to come cheer me up.



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