No Need To Panic

No need to panic? About what? Oh yeah, the no-show Aunt Flow (AF for short) thing? No worries. AF showed up on Sunday (November 2nd). It came in on CD 49. 7 week break between periods is a joke. I must’ve been stressed. I suppose impending job loss just before Christmas coupled with my previous job hunting abilities, anyone would get stressed lol

I had the twins the weekend just gone. It was also my Halloween-slash-Fireworks party on the Saturday. Mom and I dropped the twins at my Nan’s in the morning then we went food shopping for the party, and work stuff. We took it home, packed it away, tidied the house and put the decorations up. We went back to Nan’s for lunch, which was a sneaky McDonald’s as my uncle and his wife, and their 5 kids, had arrived for lunch at my Nan’s. They were coming for my party but live over an hour away so they wanted to make the most of their visit I guess. My uncle kept going on about how the twins are so boisterous. He has all daughters, which I think says it all. I don’t think they are boisterous, I just think they are just typical toddlers. I mean they are almost 2, so they’re bound to be a little enthusiastic. Plus they haven’t been molly-coddled. There is two of them, so they tend to play together being silly etc. Either way I think there is nothing wrong with them.

The party was a success. At one point there was approximately 15 children and 10 adults. That is a lot of people for my little house. The sandwiches and cakes were a big success. Freddie played with my uncle’s youngest daughter who is just 3 months younger than he and Frankie. It was quite cute. I accidentally walked into her as I was leaving the room, she was stood in the doorway (which was part of the reason why I didn’t see her) and she bumped her head. I felt bad but I didn’t see her so it was just an accident. I dressed the twins as skeletons. They wore a black “all-in-one” with white bones on it. It looked cool.

Sunday we had roast dinner at Nan’s. My aunt came for dinner so I wasn’t on babysitting duty as such, as their momma was around now. They still come to me for things like a drink, a cuddle or anything really. Fred sat on my lap watching TV for like half hour in the afternoon. I think he was knackered. I was too lol could’ve easily had a nap.

My AF started showing up in the evening. And by bed time I was 100% it was here. I am glad it has came. Once it is over I won’t feel so bloated.

Back to work yesterday. I hate Monday’s and yesterday felt like it dragged on for a hundred years. I think I was just tired. I came in from work, watched Emmerdale downstairs as it records every day then I got my PJs on and climbed under my duvet to watch TV on my iPad. Been catching up with Criminal Minds season 10.

Today I have applied for 20 jobs. There is a lot of things out there, just a case of whether they like my CV or not.

I will try to post more often. I just forget. Maybe this month I should make a challenge of trying to post either everyday or every other day.



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