Aunt Flow A No-Show

Well on Tuesday, my second day back, I learned that my job role expires on November 14th. I knew my contract was up for renewal discussion this month (the 14th to be specific), obviously I was away so my mananger informed me when I came back. He says he’s managed to extend it for a further month, to November, but beyond that he just can’t say. So basically I am back on the job hunting wheel, again. This seems to be the mantra of my bloody life. So basically I am destined to be unemployed just before Christmas, again. Oh bloody joy.

To top it off, my “Period” was due October 17th (give or take a few days before it) but it is a no-show. Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t automatically jump-to: HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP I AM PREGNANT. However the thought has crossed my mind. Simply because I am a smart cookie and I know if you are sexually active, even when profusely protected, it is STILL an option. So I did what all girls would do and I bought a test. It was negative. *breathes a sigh of relief* So I am thinking this n0-show Aunt Flow is due to stress. It has to be. My biggest issue is that I internalise a lot of feelings. I don’t mean to, obviously, just the way I am lol

So currently I am on CD (cycle day) 40 (that is 5 weeks 5 days since my last period). I hope it just pops up when I least expect it haha I don’t “feel” like I am “with child”. Surely a negative test + no symptoms would mean 100% NOT lol

Not up to much this weekend. I need to sort my room out. That is about it really. I have been watching the new season of Haven. I love it. I also started watching season 4 of Blue Bloods, which I can’t put down.

I must get back into reading again. I just haven’t had the concentration for it lately :(

OMG I almost forgot to say, Marine Guy got himself Facebook and he added me. I didn’t recognise him though, his picture looked so different so I was like “who are you?” And his reply was so funny, once I realised who he was, “you should know, you had me inside you in the back of my car a we met and had a nice time a few times a few months ago”. Oh really? haha so yeah, he is on Facebook now :)



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