Our little holiday is over

Well it is official; our little holiday is over. The twins have gone home, they were picked up today at about 1ish. We didn’t actually expect them to be picked up till either a lot later today, or early tomorrow morning.

Tuesday: We watched Hotel Transylvania in bed when we woke up, as it was so early lol We took them a play area thing, at the leisure centre, but unfortunately they fell asleep in the car and Fred then played up Tuesday night, took me hours to get him to calm down and go to sleep. He was crying in pain so I reckoned his teeth were playing up again so he had some ibuprofen (for kids) and some teething gel.

Wednesday: My mom looks after my uncle’s little girl on a Wednesday, as well as our old Nana so I said I’d get out of her hair as 3 under 2’s would’ve been a handful. I scooped up my babies and we went to my Nana’s, she finishes work at 12, so we had a play and watched some tv then we had lunch when she came in from work.

Thursday: We took the twins up the centre, with my mom, to pick up my old Nana. We haven’t taken the twins with us for about 7 months as I no longer spend Wednesdays and Thursdays with mom. I have worked in the week since April. I use to spend a lot of time with my mom, and my old Nana, and whenever I had the twins in the week we’d take them up the old folks place when we picked her up, after her day out. (She has dementia, so the place keeps her busy and they do fun activities etc) The lady at reception couldn’t believe how big they’ve gotten now. They both were asleep in the car, and we thought they’d wake up as soon as we took them from their carseats but they didn’t. They slept through the entire visit lol

Friday: They woke up 5am but after a quick nappy change and a nice fresh bottle they went back to sleep till 8am. Result! I got them up, we had breakfast and watched some tv then I gave them a bath. We all got dressed and got in the car to go to the leisure centre. The twins had a nice good play, Mom sat on the sofa with her coffee and my bro chased the twins around the play area. I took a load of photos of them coming down a twisting slide. They loved it.  At 12:30 their mom phoned to say she was on her way to pick them up, she missed them, so we drove back home to pack up their stuff and by 1pm they’d gone home. I actually miss them when they go lol

Yesterday I didn’t get up to much. I am skint and I have no friends so that explains my social life HAHA

Today I am a tad depressed that I am back to work tomorrow. I fear my manager will have a go about my leaving for holiday and announcing it via an email. In my defence he wasn’t in the office when I left and I had forgotten I hadn’t reminded him about it until I went to leave at 3 and by then he’d left for whatever reason. I guess we will see…



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