Peppa Pig World

So today we are off to Peppa Pig World. Rubbish start to the day though. First off Fred pooped on my hand when I was in the middle of changing his nappy, during which Frankie went out into the kitchen and grabbed my HUGE Eeyore mug and gave himself a fat lip by pulling it down off the worktop onto his face. Silly boy. He was screaming and I had my hands (literally) covered in shit so I yelled to mom to go get him. When she brought him in the front room, where I was finishing up Fred’s nappy, his mouth was bleeding. He had a huge fat lip, bless him. Unfortunately he was also covered in tea – luckily it was stone cold so it only covered him, not scolded him. So that was a blessing I guess.

We finally set off for Peppa Pig World and I was quite excited regardless of the raining old British weather. We took the wrong junction off the motorway though, and ended up driving about 15 minutes longer than we should have. It worked out great though as the babies had fell asleep so that gave them the half hour nap they needed.

It wasn’t a bad day, considering the weather. The twins had raincoats on, as did Mom and I. They were quite happy playing on the outdoor playarea and Frankie was so slippery going down the slide that he almost took my legs out when he slid down. We waited for them to meet Peppa and George. All I heard was Fred going “Georgie, Georgie” when the characters came out to shake hands etc. Frank wasn’t at all impressed with Peppa and didn’t want to meet her. Both babies touched George’s hand, and Fred thought it was great. After we met them we took them indoors for a play, tire them out a little before lunch. We didn’t stay too long as it was packed due to the weather.

We walked back towards the entrance of Peppa Pig World to find some seating so we could have lunch. We had some lunch and then after a quick toilet break we went back in. We took the twins on a ride called “Windy Castle”, which is basically the teacups but in the air and it spins a bit less than the teacups normally do. Mom wasn’t a fan as it went quite high but there was no seatbelts. She was paranoid that Fred (who she was holding) was going to climb out. I told her she was being ridiculous, as long as she’s got him, he can’t. He just wanted to stand on the seat because he couldn’t see much over the high backs of the seats. Frank was a good boy, he sat still for me.

We went on a “Helicopter” ride but this one had seats with seatbelts so that was much better. Fred sat behind Frankie but he couldn’t see him so he was panicking. The whole ride we could hear “Baby, baby, baby?”. That is what they refer to each other as. It was quite cute actually.

We went into the various “houses” from the show and the babies and I had a professional photo done.

It has Peppa and George life-size figures in the background lol We grabbed some donuts then we went on a ground-level “car ride”. It was better for the boys as they could see everything without having to stand up on the seat, Mom was much calmer that is for sure.

We left not long after the car ride. As we’d all gotten so wet, from the rain and the twins from playing outside, we stripped them down to their vests. Mom flung a blanket over them both and they settled in their carseats for the journey home.

When we got closer to home we decided to take them to Nan’s for an hour (i.e. A cup of tea). They showed Nana their little Georgie Pig teddies that I bought, as well as their Georgie Pig socks lol they love them socks.

We got them home, bathed them and then got them in their sleep suits ready for bed. We got in the car and had dinner. We opted for a takeaway as we’d had a day out and neither wanted to cook. The twins were good as gold in McDonald’s, and whilst I waited for the food Mom took them one-by-one to the highchairs she had put at our table, got them strapped in and coloring using the crayons and paper provided lol you could tell they were knackered so we got them home, changed their bums and by time I made them a bottle of milk they were practically demanding to go to bed. Frank started going up the stairs before I even said “come on, bed time”. Bless him. They were asleep within’ 20 minutes of going up. Mom and I cracked open a cider and watched a film.

I am shattered so I suspect I will be off to bed soon myself.

Fun fact: Today is October 13th, my grandad’s mother would’ve been 103 today had she been alive. My mom was 8 when she died. It is a shame, I’d have loved to have met her. She sounds like such a lovely lady.

Anyways, I am offskies. We had a good day. I shall try post some of the photos we took today.



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