The twins are here

I had the doctors today. My appointment was at 4ish so I left work at 3:30, mom picked me up. I spent most my day at work making sure everything was up-to-date before I left for the week. Hopefully there shouldn’t be any issues when I am away. I mean, they probably won’t even miss me anyway. They don’t normally.

The twins were dropped off to my Nan at about half 3. When I was done at the doctors mom and I took them food shopping with us so we could grab some stuff. We needed things like Nappies, milk, etc. When we finished we drove to McDonald’s and fed them, and us, some dinner. It’s Friday and we were feeling lazy so we didn’t cook.

When we got back home I bathed them and got them ready for bed. They played up a bit. Frank went to sleep but Fred wouldn’t go down at all. He fell asleep quite late which is never good.

I am just in bed watching tv on my iPad (with earphones in) but I am off myself soon. I have the whole day with them tomorrow, just us 3, as mom is out and so is my nan. I’m going to take them round Nan’s in the afternoon, even though she isn’t in, simply because she has many more toys for them to play with. There isn’t much here lol



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