Down to the Docs I go

Well I finally got a doctor’s appointment after all the earache, literally, I had over the weekend. I phoned up for an emergency appointment today. The doctor, a locum, reckons your ear drums are supposed to be “see-through” and mine are “dull and opaque”. So he is referring me to the ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat) at the hospital for a specialised hearing test and various other things they do there. I knew I had problems, I mean I watch TV with the bloody subtitles on and when people talk to me I can’t always hear them even if they are stood not 2 feet away. I am 23, it is a little soon to be losing my hearing but it isn’t impossible as my maternal grandfather, and his family, all have hearing problems. He’s had hearing aids for about 5 years and he is only just turning 65, so he is hardly old lol

Sometimes I get “writers block” when I am blogging. This is usually occurs if I haven’t blogged in a while and I am thinking of things to say. Sometimes I just like “checking” in and saying a quick Hello.

So, hello and goodbye.



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