4 years gone by

My Aunt Janet has been gone for 4 years. Where does that time go? I remember everything surrounding her death like it was just yesterday. I know she is watching over, and that was proved when my Aunt went into labour with the twins. They were born December 15th 2012, and that day was my Aunt Janet’s birthday – she would’ve been celebrating her 60th. Instead she was watching over the birth of twins, which is always a worrying time as multiple births are at higher risks of going wrong. But they were born perfectly fine, no worries. That was her. It had to be. It was her 60th after all.

Last week work seemed really long and stressful. I spent all week, after work, on FaceTime with the guy I had the sleepover with. It seems to bridge the gap between seeing each other. I was suppose to be going out on Friday and babysitting on Saturday but it didn’t happen in the end so I ended up babysitting all weekend.

It was the first time in over 18 months that I hadn’t put the travel cots up. There is no point as the twins sleep in beds at home, so going into a travel cot would just confuse them I think. So I settled them in my bed, one at a time. Frankie first as he was knackered. They were dropped off quite late as their Nanny got stuck in traffic. After he was finally asleep I took Fred up. They woke up at 5:30am on Saturday. WTF?! Luckily with the help of a Peppa Pig DVD and a bottle of milk they remained in the bedroom till 7am.

We had breakfast and I bathed and dressed them. We left my house and caught the bus to town. We had a wander round and I bought them a few bath toys, including some foam letters that stick to the bath when wet. I have had a lot of fun with them lol we took a slow walk to mom’s work as she wanted to show the girls at work how big the twins are. Fred wet through his nappy a little so I quickly changed his nappy on the side of the road whilst he was sat in the stroller. The little monkeys fell asleep on the rest of the way and slept through the whole visit lol typical!

We walked back to town and got the bus to Nan’s. We had lunch and the twins played in the garden. My uncle showed up for dinner with his 5 children. They wouldn’t leave the twins alone, they kept crowding them and I got fed up of telling them to just “leave them be”. We had dinner and not long after I scooped up the babies and we left. They had a bath and watched some Peppa Pig and then we went to bed.

Sunday we had dinner at Nan’s house. They woke up 7am so that was a nice lay in from Saturday lol Grandad run me up the shops so I could replace the milk they drank at home and grab some bits for work. After they got picked up I came home and had a nice hot bath. I love having them two. They seem to have learned so much every time I see them. Whenever I made their bottles up of juice, milk or whatever, if only one of them was stood by me I’d hand him both and say “give one to baby”, and he’d run off to find his bro yelling “baby baby baby”. It was really cute. Fred is a chatterbox but unfortunately you can only understand certain words so it sounds a lot like “mmmnnnmnmn ‘grandad’ mmnmmn ‘me’ mnmnmnnnmn ‘baby’…” which is him saying something like “Grandad told me and baby off” lol

Back to work today. And it is my Aunt’s anniversary. This year has gone by so quick. It will be Halloween in about 8 weeks. I love Halloween. I have decided to throw my 5th Halloween-slash-fireworks party. I will write the invite for November 1st, which is a Saturday. I can’t wait, it’ll be so fun. There may be an issue if I invite both my aunt and uncle, as they’ve fallen out but tbh, my aunt never comes, she just sends the kids over for the evening. Either way I want lots of kids there, it is always so fun for them because I decorate the house etc.

Need to plan for it, that is always fun, the planning.

Right I am off, want to catch up on some TV.



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