I had a sleepover

I had my first sleepover, at a guys place, this weekend. We met on Saturday (yesterday) at the train station, his end. We had a catchup, and watched some tv together. We ordered a pizza then watched a film. We had a really good afternoon/evening. That didn’t last though, we ended up arguing in the middle of the night over something-of-nothing. It was ridiculous and I actually felt really angry/hurt and I starterd crying, which made me frustrated because I hardly ever cry. We did make-up, and we had a nice chilled Sunday till he dropped me home. I had a bath soon as I got in as I didn’t want to shower at his, it felt weird lol he tell me that I was welcome to but I’m just not at “that” place yet. I stayed over, that should be enough for now. Staying over is a big deal for me. I have been single for 2 and a half years now. I haven’t really been with anyone in a particularly “romantic/I like him” sort of way. It has always just been a little bit of fun etc. Which I didn’t mind, obviously, being single is fun when you are young and I have been single since I was turning 21. Safe to say though, I am a little sick of just fun now. I want to be with someone and starting making a move on what I want in life: Kids. Anyone who knows me knows how much having children means to me, and the road to that, for me personally, is a rocky one as I found out when I was 21 that I had some fertility issues. Nothing too major and it isn’t hopeless, just difficult. It was hard to hear though, I was barely 21 and everyone around me was pregnant, or had just had a child, and I was so frustrated. Sometimes I still am but mostly I am fine. I have a lot in my life to focus on and a new relationship would be a good new focus. So watch this space…



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