Dinner with the girls

Well they aren’t MY girls LOL They are my Momma’s friends from her old work place. I get on with them though, so she invited me for dinner with them. They meet up every 2 months or so. I have been for dinner with them before and I even took Reggie along with me on one occasion. He fell asleep at the table but he was only about 3 or 4. My brother’s girlfriend came to dinner also. We both had drinks, as we don’t drive. I basically had a Vodka Redbull, which was labelled on the menu as a “Red Eyed Monster”. Chels had something similiar but not a vodka mix.

I ordered steak and chips for my main. My steak came out and it was very gristly so I didn’t eat it. It was a good job we had ordered garlic bread. I also ended up having a dessert because I was starving lol

It was great having a laugh, and it is always nice going for dinner and we had a nice time. We got home quite late as we decided, the three of us, to stop off at the shops so I could hit the ATM. I owed the food lady at work and I had promised I’d settle my debt. So I hit the machine but I also went in the store and ended up buying a pair of black sparkly shoes! And some alcohol lol

I am finally in bed now :)



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