The Bus Crashed

Tuesday I didn’t get up to much. I think I am coming down with something. I feel really crappy and my throat is sore. I bought another charger, whilst waiting for the one from eBay, as well as some work trousers. They were in the sale which good, I love bargain hunting :P

Yesterday was THE worst day I have had in a while. I am being re-trained at work which is totally confusing me and I actually felt like crying, which as I’ve previously mentioned is not like me at all.

I finally finished work at 6. Waited for the bus for ages and was half way to town and the damn bus crashed into a car. I went flying across two seats. We were lucky no one was hurt. I think I will probably have whiplash or something equivalent. I have had a sore head since, which isn’t surprising considering how much I jerked about. The driver didn’t even ask us how we were. He just slammed his breaks on, which was a surprise as I had earphones in and then he stopped, turned the engine off and got out. He inspected the damage, which the bus had as well as whoever he hit. Then he came back to the bus, with the guy he hit I presume, and they stood arguing a little over the whole thing. They eventually swapped insurance details and we was on the move. Literally 300 yards to the stop just round the corner where we were told to get off and wait for the next bus. I got off and phoned my grandad for a lift. He picked me up and I went to his as my Aunt was there with the kids. I finally got home at about half 9. I got straight into bed.

I cannot believe the driver didn’t even ask us if we were okay, that is really bad!

I went on FaceTime with the guy I met at the weekend. I love talking to him. I am seeing him at the weekend. I am getting the train up to his on Saturday and hopefully staying the night. It’ll be weird staying at his as I haven’t slept over a guys place for about a year or more. Still, it’ll be nice.

Right I am off because I am still on FaceTime now and he is moaning that my Cam is paused lol



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