September is here

Yep, that is right, September has happened. Okay, so it is 6pm so technically I am not allowed to say Pinch, Punch now and I really want to. However I DID start typing this post this morning but I lost signal most the day so I couldn’t post till now. And I re-wrote what I started writing anyway, it just made no sense lol

I have been lax at my #FMS challenge. I have about 10 days worth of prompts outstanding. I have no idea why, I just haven’t been posting half as much lol

Firstly, on Saturday, I DID put make-up on in the end. On the train, with no mirror. Not a bad attempt, it looked fine. I met the guy. He is hot and we had a really good afternoon and evening. #50 I hated the fact he had to drive me home though. We had a bit of an argument over the fact he expects me not to go with anyone and continue having fun and it annoyed me. I said I understood where he is coming from, and it is fine but I don’t like being told what to do by anyone but especially not by people I barely know. I went out last night (Sunday) and met a guy I spoke to online. #51 He is in the army, and again, he has proved that not all army guys are little buggers like everyone seems to think. I mean, yeah, living near the biggest home of the British Army means I have come across A LOT of young soldiers who are knobheads but doesn’t mean they all are. My dad is a soldier. He’s got 3 years left of his 22 year service. He’s been re-based to near me for it, recently, so we can meet up for lunch etc a bit more.

I have a friend in Afghan atm. He is due back today I think. I hope he gets home safely :)

I am just waiting for the bus home atm. I am so tired and I don’t know why.

Gotta go, phone dying, my charger is broke :(



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