Train wanking

Well yesterday was a very busy and hectic day at work. It’s our “month end” with regards to invoicing so we was rushing around trying to clear invoices and the like. I felt a lot better this month end. Last one I was stressed so bad that I cried. I, cried, I, Kayleigh Robyn Nash, cried. A feat that is as rare as a blue moon lol
But no, this time I didn’t cry lol I was genuinely alright :)

My momma picked me up from work at 6 so I was home earlier than usual. Which was great. I had a friend coming round at half 7ish so I needed to tidy my room. Epic fail, I didn’t get around to it.

I just sat on my bed surfing the net for a new bag lol not a handbag. Just a bag. It’s lovely. I found a nice greeny-grey one.

My mate came over and we spent hours chatting and laughing. It was quite nice actually. #49
He left at 12:30 and I got into bed. Was up talking to my fave guy because he was working last night and he knew I’d be awake so he messaged. I don’t mind staying up to speak to him. He’s my BFF after all :)

Today I am off to London to see a guy I met recently. He’s really nice and I think we’ll get on quite well. He lives near Dartford so I got a train to Clapham and I just got off a train from Clapham to London Victoria. Am on the train on a platform waiting for it to depart for Swanley :)
I’m quite excited about meeting him. I am sat here thinking should I wear some makeup or not. Everyone knows how I feel about make up lol but I feel if I don’t he may think I haven’t made any effort. So I may just slap a bit on :)

Right train is departing. Signal going.



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