“You hair looks nice”

Well I managed 3 hours last night. I really just could not sleep. I don’t get why though because I was so damn tired. I drifted off towards 4am and was jerked away by my alarm at 7ish. Not good! I really must get an early night tonight.

Yesterday I was off sick from work with a migraine. I woke up in the early hours with a sore sore head :( I took tablets and tried to go back to sleep but I just couldn’t bear it so I emailed in sick. I then managed to fall asleep, woke up a few times for a bit but finally got out of bed at 2. I had some dinner, and sat around wearing my sunglasses so that my eyes weren’t being blinded. They were still so sensitive. To be perfectly honest I don’t exactly feel that good today, still. But I am in work today. I simply have to be unfortunately. My eyes are super sore and I am getting a headache, again, as the day goes on.

Last night I needed to get out for some fresh air so I met #38. I haven’t seen him in about a month as he has been busy and on the rare occasions he hasn’t been, I have. So we’ve simply “missed” each other’s free times lol First thing he said when we met was “your hair looks nice”. It was totally random as he’s never complimented me on anything non-sex related. I was like “well thanks, I haven’t done anything different to it, you’ve probably just forgot what I looked like it has been THAT long”. I didn’t stay out long because it was raining a little and I was knackered.

I forgot to say in my last post “34 hours” that I met a new guy that evening. He drove over from Bordon. He has just moved to the area and we met online. He is really hot and we had a lot of fun so I am glad he messaged me about a spontaneous meet, especially as I wasn’t feeling tired before we met :) #48

I am on lunch for another 15 but my eyes can’t hack anymore PC time so I am offskies to take a powernap under my desk ;)



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