I had a bed buddy

Well Sunday we had dinner at nan’s and spent the day there, which was nice and chilled. The twins butts are much better now so that is good. Fred fell asleep at half 4. Not surprising considering they both woke up at 6am and didn’t go down for a nap at 9 when I tried lol

They went home at half 6ish. I had some supper with Nan then I wandered home. I had a nice hot bath and watched some tv. I finally watched the end of the Veronica Mars movies. It wasn’t that bad actually but I definitely prefer the TV show.

My mom’s boyfriend was off because it was a bank holiday but I didn’t realise he’d be here so it was a surprised when I woke up. At 2pm! I didn’t get up to much. I got soaked walked to #44’s house. I weren’t there long and got soaked walking back home LOL I had some dinner and watched some tv. At midnight a guy came round. We had been speaking for a little while and he drove 45 minutes so we agreed he’d stay the night. It was weird sharing my bed with a guy. In a sleeping capacity. No guy has slept in my bed for about 2 years or so. He left at 6am. #47
I’d barely slept asleep an hour, was dozing, when he woke me up to say he was leaving.

I got up for work at 7. Which was me basically getting out of bed. I’d been awake anyway.

Have been in work for half hour now and I don’t feel tired yet lol

Oops got to go it’s almost 9!



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