34 hours

I have officially been awake for 34 hours. That’s a whole day plus 10 hours. I actually do feel sleepy now. I didn’t earlier. When I hit 24 hours awake (at 2pm) I thought I’d have been tired by then but I guess my little doze at 5am this morning gave me more than enough energy for the day. Also I’m sure the caffeine I’ve drank helped a little lol

I had a midnight conversation with Marine Guy tonight (although it wasn’t midnight where he is). We aren’t really together. It was all just a bit of silly fun. I knew this anyway but I guess I got carried away with it lol but anyway, he confirmed that to me and now it’s all finished. From my point of view it is. As he said, I’m probably never going to see him again anyway. So I may as well just leave him to it. I hope he has fun in California and finds lots of horny girls to have fun with. He’s hot and a marine so I’m sure he’ll have no trouble. In a different life, perhaps things between us may have been very different. But they aren’t. So that’s that.

I’ve got a banging headache so I’m off to bed.



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