The twins have arrived

Well I have the twins this weekend. They were dropped to my Nan’s at whatever time whilst I was at work. I got to Nan’s at half 6 and after letting the twins play in the garden some more, I had a cup of tea and then went home with them. They were in bed asleep by 9. I did some washing up and then I came up to bed myself not long after. Frank woke up screaming at 1am. They’ve got sore butts because they’re teething their darn molars!!! His bum was sore and he’d wet so he woke up crying. I changed him, smothering some cream on and after a little bit of Peppa Pig he went back to sleep. I was exhausted by then so I soon drifted off too :)

Today they woke up at 8 and 9. Fred is lazier. He woke up at 9. We had breakfast and then I bathed and dressed them. Grandad picked us up and we went to Morrison’s for food for work next week. After shopping we went to Nan’s and spent the day there. We had dinner there and then went home. Had them both in the bath then bed by about 7ish. I sat down and relaxed for a bit but was up in bed by about 9:30-10ish. I am knackered. So I’m going to hit the sack now. This post is a little short and quite boring simply because I’m tired and there’s not much to say about babysitting lol
Oh, Fred can climb out of the travel cot. Learned that this morning haha



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