I was half naked ;)

Well Mr Fave (#43 & my BFF) came round on an impromptu visit last night. I haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks. I funniest part is I kept saying on texts that he needed to pick up his birthday card and yes, you guessed it, he left mine without the damned thing haha.

He wasn’t meant to come over last night. I got in from work late because the bus was late and I wasn’t hungry so I jumped in the bath. Good job I did, as I ended up entertaining a guest. I had a bath and then I did some dinner quick as I was starving by then. He messaged at like quarter to 9 saying he was going to pop in so I made him a cup of tea. Such a loser lol No one was home which was good. I had put my pyjammas on before he had said he was coming over and I couldn’t be bothered to get dressed, so when I opened the door I was just wearing a tshirt and pants. He grabbed his drink and we went upstairs. He left just before 11.

I couldn’t sleep last night, I was still buzzing from seeing Mr. Fave and laughing too much. I am enjoyin being 23. It seems okay so far. Am only 3 days in so I guess I should wait a bit more before declaring this year as the best one for a while LOL

I think I finally went to sleep at 1am-ish. I really struggled to get up for work this morning and I was running late, then the bus was running late which meant I didn’t walk through the office door till 10 minutes to 9. I never stroll in that close to 9. I am usually in by 8:30 at least. I was surprised I wasn’t being “panic-called” because I wasn’t in yet lol

I want to go cinema so I may go tomorrow after work, just depends what is out etc. Will have to have a look now. I have half hour left of lunch :)



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