Wow I feel like shit

Well I actually got up for work. I woke up at 7, or should I say my alarm bleeped in my earhole and I got up. I’m surprised. I didn’t go to sleep much before half 2. I woke up with a dry mouth and a sore eye – hayfever & allergies. Usual shiz!

I learned today that my fave person at work is leaving. Apparently he’s handed his notice in, whilst I was away the sneaky fuck, and he leaves in 6 weeks. What will I do without him to cheer up my day with his sarcastic remarks and telling me to smile?
That made my long day even worse. My headache/hangover didn’t help. Nor did my bad eye lol it was not a good Tuesday!

I also learned today that next Monday is a bank holiday. That cheered me up, a lot. Because it means I’m only working 4 days next week :)

Someone asked me about my relationship status earlier. I wasn’t actually sure what to say. I mean, I have said to some people who’ve asked, “I’m in an open relationship”. Which is true, right? But I’m not so sure anymore. I feel single. I mean, I feel like I’m completely on my own. Even in an open relationship there is some element of “feelings” between the two involved but I feel it’s one-sided. Which makes it what exactly?
Don’t worry, I’m rambling because I’ve had 4 hours sleep or so.

I’m off before I get accused of being a girl.



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