It’s my birthday…

Wow I’m 23! I can’t believe I’m a whole year older. It’s a shame I couldn’t spend it with my Marine but I did get a message from him which I thought was cute. I miss him a lot. I doubt he misses me and that’s okay, I mean, he’s in America now so why would he miss me?

I finally saw #37. For only the second time since we met over 2 months ago. He’s fitter than I remember. And much more tanned and hairy ;) He stayed about an hour. After he left me and my bros girlfriend had some dinner and I caught up on some TiVo.

I am really not looking forward to work tomorrow. Mostly because I think I’ve drank too much and I’m bound to have a headache tomorrow. And it’s late, so I’ll have had less sleepy too. Oops!

I’m off to bed. I spent the day without my momma or my marine, but I’ll survive. I don’t have a choice and there is always next year, right?



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