1 more sleep

It is my birthday tomorrow!!!
I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already.
I woke up today at 10 and had some breakfast. Had to make my cereal in a cup as they don’t put bowls in the hotel rooms. It was okay, just had 2 cups of cereal lol I also made myself a cup of tea too.
I packed up and walked down to the spa to shove my stuff in a locker then I went to the treatment area. The lady gave me the forms to fill out about your skin type and what massage you prefer etc. I had my first treatment at 11. That was the massage and then the facial. After that she waxed my eyebrows. It was kind of painful but they look good lol I’m not one to worry about them girly things and I don’t pluck them that often because I simply don’t remember to do it.

There was an hours break between the weird Hoopi ear candle treatment, after the eyebrow wax, and my pedicure. So I slipped downstairs to grab some biscuits I stashed in my locker and to fire away some replies to messages I received. You don’t get signal in the spa so I was stood outside for a bit. Then I grabbed my book and went back to the relaxation room for the last half hour. At 1:30 I had my pedicure and I went for the color red.
After my pedicure I got picked up and I had Sunday roast at my Nan’s. My grandad isn’t well but he still picked me up. I stayed at my Nan’s for a while, watching Extant on my kindle. I’ve caught up to the latest release. Now I have to wait till Thursday for a new episode!

My nan ran me and all my stuff home. Once I got in I had a nice hot bath and got into bed. #44 came round for a bit. Makes a change. I usually go to his. After he left I got back into bed and I am currently 5 minutes away from the clock hitting midnight, officially my birthday. Well I born at 5:03am so technically I won’t be 23 for another 5 hours and 8 minutes lol

I’m off. Tomorrow I’ll be 23!!!



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