2 days to go

Well finally my hotel spa day has arrived. I was still dubious about whether to spend the money for the overnight stay or not. But I’ve decided I want to have some time to myself. I’m sure I sound like a loner lol

I went round my Nan’s at 1ish and discussed where to go for a meal for my birthday. We settled on the Harvester that is down the road from the Hotel. My aunt turned up to pick up her daughter who’d stayed the night at my Nan’s. We did my birthday cake (which is a giant cupcake) and they sang to me.

It was really cute, Frankie missed all the singing and came running in when we’d finished so he started clapping haha

At 4:30 my Grandad drove me to the hotel and I checked into my room, got my swimming stuff ready and went down for a swim. The spa and swim area is so lush. The showers are great so I had a nice hot one after swimming. At half 5 I went back to my room and started to get ready for the meal. I dried my hair. I never usually blow dry it. But I didn’t want to go out with it wet so I dried it. I was watching tv and just chilling really. I slapped some makeup on and got dressed. I was ready to go.

At 7 my phone rang to tell they were downstairs so I got in the car and we went to the Harvester. My grandparents really do spoil me. We had a lovely meal, and dessert, then they dropped me back to the hotel.

I cracked open a cider, curled up with my kindle and watched some tv on it.

I’ve had a fairly good day. And I have my spa treatments tomorrow so that’ll be fun. I can’t wait!

Sleeping in this hotel room by myself is a little weird. I’m a bit dubious as I barely sleep anywhere besides home any more and I find it hard to relax at night in new places lol hopefully I’ll drop off soon.

Going to try anyway lol


P.s yes I was stitched up by Mr. Doctor guy just like I said I would. Men, at least they’re predictable and don’t disappoint haha


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