4 days to go

And the countdown continues. I still had a headache when I woke up so I guess just 1 paracetamol wasn’t enough but I didn’t want to push it with the antibiotics.

Mom and I watched a film called Mama tonight. It was really weird. It’s classed as a horror and mom jumped a few times but it really wasn’t that scary. And the ending was just rather odd. So can safely say I’m glad I only rented it from lovefilm. I have sent the disc back now and a new one will be sent soon :)

I am off work tomorrow. I don’t have any plans. Hopefully just going to chill lol
I was suppose to go and see #44 tonight. He asked me to stay over and I said I would but my period showed up today. After some major stomach cramps. So I said I couldn’t make it in the end. He wasn’t that happy but what can I do when Mother Nature calls? Not answer? I wish.

Speaking of which, I fear I may have a menstural migraine coming and I’m knackered so I think I’ll go to bed.



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