5 days to go

I told you I’d do this annoying countdown lol

Our system went down at work today for about an hour or so. I was just finishing lunch when the internet crashed. I had been writing this post so I was well annoyed ha ha

I’m worried about the weekend. No one has spoken to me about giving me money for my birthday and I’m kind of relying on it to pay for the rest of the treatments, having paid the deposit already. I overspent a little the last fortnight and the hotel is gonna knock me skint I think. Oops lol I usually manage my money better. Not sure what happened :/

I heard about a site called “GoFundMe”. Apparently people set up a thing and others can donate towards it. I thought about setting up one for my birthday but I don’t think anyone would donate. A lot of the campaigns I saw were for important things lol like “I want to go back to school and study” (American person).

These antibiotics are nasty. I keep getting lower back ache, stomach cramps and I swear I had heart burn earlier.

I was going to watch the film Mama but by time I got around to putting the DVD in, it was already gone 10. I’ll watch it Friday maybe as I’m out tomorrow :) I got it from LoveFilm. I got Man of Steel through the post ages ago and finally sent it back the other day. Held it hostage for approximately 2 months haha

I have a headache but I’m not sure what I can take alongside these antibiotics. I read the leaflet but it didn’t say much about “if you are taking…” So I decided on 1 paracetamol. Can’t go wrong with just 1.

So not much to report. And I’m shattered so off I go to sleep. I hope!



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