6 days to go

Yes I really am going to be THAT annoying. I aim to post every day leading up to my birthday. So it’ll be “6 days to go”, “5 days to go” and so on etc.
I got home just after 7 last night. I have to take my antibiotics at least 30 minutes before I eat so I took one when I got in and got changed. I watched some TiVo playback waiting for mom to get in so we could decide on dinner etc. We ended up with chicken and chips. My stomach does feel a bit better but I just do not feel like doing anything atm. I worked out when my last tablets should be and that’ll be Friday afternoon. I have 12 left right now but I have to take 1 later so that leaves 11. I’ll take 4 tomorrow which will leave 7 and then I’ll take 4 on Thursday which will leave 3 for Friday lol I am glad to be finished before Saturday as I have a bottle of bubbly in the fridge that I want to drink at the spa. Well not in the spa, but at the hotel haha

I’ve been really cheeky today. I asked my grandad to pick me up from the garage which is half way between work and home. So I’m getting off the bus soon. I’m not in the mood for getting home at gone 7. He’ll pick me up at 6:30 so that’ll make a difference.

I need a bath or shower tonight. My hair needs a good wash lol and I need to shave etc. So that is my plan tonight. Some food, some tv and a nice bath/shower. I lead a very exciting life ;)

Signal is going again. Clearly in a dead zone.



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