One week to go ;)

Well the countdown has finally started. Not that I haven’t been irritating the crap out of everyone for the last month or so haha
I got a train down to Southampton on Saturday morning to meet a skin consultant to discuss possible removal of my tattoo. Those that know me know which I’m referring to. Yes, I did the dumb classic, I had an ex tattooed on me somewhere. Luckily it’s only 3 letters, they’re in black and quite small so apparently I may need as few as 6 sessions. It all depends on how well my skin heals after each, how faded it gets each time and whether I want it “off” or “faded” so I can cover. My first session is booked for September. I’m excited but apprehensive as I know it is suppose to be painful :|

After the clinic I got a train to Eastleigh to visit my step-momma and siblings. We went swimming in Romney at The Rapids. It was great fun. My dad has the daughter of a Hungarian friend staying. She’s 14. I think she’s become good friends with my sister, who is 9 and a half. My sis made me a loom band bracelet. She doesn’t know that “Kayleigh can’t have bracelets” lol I’m wearing it regardless of the fact I am destined to lose it.
We grabbed some dinner when we finished and I got the train home after we are. I had plans to meet someone later that night but I got stitched up. Usual story. So I ended up in bed watching tv.

Yesterday I woke up with awful stomach cramps. These antibiotics do not agree with me it seems. Spent most the day laid in bed, occasionally rushing to the loo and getting up to grab a drink. I did start to feel better by bedtime which was great because I didn’t want to miss work today.

I was up late messaging a guy I’ve spoken to for ages. He’s local but is very busy because he’s a doctor so we’ve never met. We’ve discussed it many times and last night he said he is definitely coming to the hotel I’m staying at for my birthday, to see me and spend some time together. I’m really excited because he’s a really nice guy, he’s not a knob like most of them. I just realised that writing this, I have now jinxed myself. He’ll stand me up now and I’ll look like the knob haha I hope not. I’d quite like to meet him because we’ve spoken for approximately 2 months now so I’ve waited long enough.

Problem with being up late messaging is that I really struggled to get up for work today. I went to sleep at about half 1 in the morning and mom woke me up at 7 lol still, that’s Monday over with. I am on the bus being a “bus wanker” now and I can’t wait to get home because I am starving.

Oh I forgot to say I’ve booked my 4 spa treatments. I booked them for Sunday as Saturday was full. So I need to decide what I want to do on Saturday before I go to the spa. Or even, do I want to go for dinner? I just don’t know. I guess I have the week to think about it all :)

Right signal is going.



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