I am infected

Well it didn’t fall off. However it was confirmed today that I do indeed have an infected finger. I made a doctors appointment this morning and the doctor prescribed me antibiotics. A weeks worth. 4 times a day, an hour before food or on an empty stomach.

Yesterday I got in from work, had a shower and watched some tv then mom ran me up McDonald’s then dropped me near #44’s house. I’d promised to see him again and even though I felt like I crap, I couldn’t let him down again. I had told him I couldn’t meet too many days in a row lol so I went to his for a few hours. Got home at 11:30. Walked myself back. I quite like being by myself. And the dark doesn’t bother me.

Today was dress down Friday at work which meant I could wear jeans :)
Not up to much tonight but tomorrow I’m going to a skin clinic in Southampton to discuss getting one of my tattoos removed or faded enough to cover it. My appointment is at 11:30 then after my step-momma is picking me up and we are going swimming with the kids. I’ll be back home in the afternoon. Don’t have plans for the evening yet as my BFF says he may come round, depends on how work is tonight. Which translates into: if I get a better offer lmao he thinks I’m stupid but men are so easy to understand.
It’s cool though, Momma’s off this weekend so she’ll be around. Can go watch a movie or whatever :)

I actually purchased a DVD yesterday called Hotel Transylvania. I watched it at the cinema with T and Reg when their mom was pregnant with the twins and they stayed at mine one weekend together. It was a hilarious movie and I picked up the DVD for £3. Bargain :) may watch that later actually. It was really funny.

My Marine asked me about yesterday. He said the other day he’s back from Thailand on August 14th. I thought for a moment I may see him in time for my birthday but he reckons not :( that’s not good lol I miss his sexy face.

Right as I can’t eat for another half hour I’m gonna grab a nice hot bath then forage for food in the freezer ;)



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