I fear my finger may drop off

Well the twins went to bed Friday night at 9ish. They slept through their usual wake up of 6am. Frankie pants woke up at 8am and Freddie woke up at 9:30am. After we had breakfast, and I bathed and dressed them, we got the bus to town so I could go to the post office. I treated them to a Peppa Pig picture book each to celebrate National Twin Day. After we got the bus to our Nan’s and spent the entire day there. We had dinner then at 8 my mom picked us up. I got them bathed and dressed for bed. They both were asleep 9.

Frankie woke up Sunday at 7 and Fred woke up at 8 so not too bad. We had some breakfast and got dressed then we watched some Peppa Pig lol at lunch time we left ours and made our way to the next town, via two buses, to have lunch at the Harvester. The first bus is the local one around my area and the double stroller fits fine. Whilst waiting for the second one, I noticed Fred was wet so I quickly changed him. He wasn’t pleased but he needed doing. The second one, which is actually larger, the stroller can’t fit because there is a stupid 2 inch step on the side of the walkway so I had to lift the stroller over it. Thankfully a lady helped me. We finally got off at our destination and went to the place. We got a table and the waitress places two high chairs at the table and I piled both of them in a seat and strapped them in. We ordered drinks, then some dinner. They were both hungry so I got two bowls of salad for them. They tucked straight in which was good. Taking them both out by yourself is hard work but it is manageable. It’s hard when one has wet and you need to change him. I couldn’t leave one unattended, OBVIOUSLY, I made a bold move to leave my bag on my chair with my coat on it and take them BOTH to the loo for a nappy change. Once they were firmly back in their chairs I checked my purse. Nothing missing so I guess sometimes the risk is worth it lol
After we ate our main meals I paid and we left. We got the bus back to mine. I was exhausted by the time we got back. They were due to be picked up between 6:30-7:30 so we just chilled out with some Peppa Pig. They were clearly tired as they both just sat with me on the sofa, watching tv. They hardly ever do that. Well Frankie does sometimes and Freddie does sometimes but never together. Bless.
After they left I had a nice refreshing shower and got into bed. My eye had been gunking and itching all day. By my shower it was crusted shut. Sexy I’m sure lol

Monday was a shit day. My eye was red and itchy all day. The evening seemed to make it worse and I was asleep in bed by half 9. No joke. I just felt so exhausted, emotionally, physically, mentally!

Yesterday I went to work with a swollen bloodshot eye. By time I’d been there an hour I wished I hadn’t gotten out of bed. It was the worst day I’ve had there so far. I was so stressed I felt like bursting in to tears a few times. And I hardly ever cry. Like ever. So that says something.
But anyway a Chinese and a huge bottle of Smirn off fixed that problem and I went to sleep relatively happy.

Today work was a lot better. I felt I understood much more about things.

Spoke to Marine Guy in passing. He was just asking if I’ve been behaving. He was hoping I’d say No so he can ask what I’ve been up to. Sadly I’ve been good since last week so I have no new stories for him lol

My finger is infected. Referring to the post title. I cut it on the side of the nail last week and it keeps being bashed about as you use your hands the most every day. It’s now red/purple, swollen, hot to touch and was secreting yellow stuff before it crusted over. I fear it may drop off ;)

Anyways I’ve just watched a new episode of True Blood and gotten into bed so I’m gonna get some sleep now.



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