Pinch, Punch, First of the Month

Okay so it’s past noon now so technically I’m not meant to say that. However I was busy working today and didn’t have a chance to get on my blog as I just wanted to stay away from my PC during my lunch hour. So I did :)
On Wednesday night I met lucky #40. We went to the same place that Mr Marine and I basically call our spot lol I need a nickname for #40. Perhaps Boxer Boy or BB for short? Obviously from that you can deduce he’s a boxer and he’s younger, “boy” lol only a littler!
Thursday I had work and the guy I had a dinner date with a few weeks ago picked me up from work at 6. We hung out for a few hours and it’s nice just hanging out. I was looking through some really old photos on my laptop which was a laugh. He left at 10 and #38 text saying did I want to meet? It’s funny that Mr Marine and I call the spot “ours”. It’s not. It’s mine and #38 because he’s the first one to discover it. He always looks so tanned when I see him. Even in the dark like it was yesterday lol
Anyway, today it’s Friday and the first of the month. Today marks many different things. For a start it’s my birthday month. It’s also a Friday. It is also a new challenge month for my #FMSphotoaday challenge :)

Yesterday I was speaking to My Marine and he called himself my boyfriend. We appear to have a sort of open relationship going on. As we’ve acknowledged it now, it now seems it is official. I think. He reads my blog so he may think wtf is she on about lol anyways, basically, we can fool around with other people as long as we are honest about it and are safe. And whenever we are actually together we won’t see other people. I think that’s the gist of the conversation.
I changed my facebook status to “it’s complicated” to see who noticed lol straight away my mom and my bros girlfriend were asking me stuff lol so funny.

Today after work I got the bus to my Nan’s as I’m babysitting the twins and they were dropped to my grandad earlier on. We grabbed some dinner and at 9 I went home with them. They had a quick bath and were in bed asleep by 9:30. I caught up on some TiVo then I joined them just now :)
Haven’t got much planned with them tomorrow. Just need to pop into town to post some cards as August is a busy month for birthdays and anniversaries etc.

I’m shattered so I’m off now :)



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