1 Wedding & 1 Christening

Well Saturday Mom and I went shopping because she needed a new blouse for whatever reason and I had hoped to finally find a dress. Shocker, I know, but apparently you have to make a serious effort for Christenings. The wedding reception I was happy wearing my pink skinny jeans with a new top I bought Satuday, and my white wedges. I got 3 tops in total. 1 is navy, one is black and one is blue. I also bought 2 new bras, some disney boxers and all the birthday cards for August. There are tooooooooo many birthdays next month, including mine but I don’t buy myself a card lol

We went food shopping after normal shopping. To be frank, I had actually had enough of shopping so by the time we got to Morrison’s I was majorly cranky lol I hate shopping!!! We got ready and went out at 7:30. I had 4 vodka redbulls and spent a bomb because the hotel was pricey. I didn’t feel drunk, just buzzed because of the caffeine lol OMG, we had only been at the hotel for 15 minutes and I managed to lose a bracelet someone bought me about 6/7 years ago. Me + Bracelets = disaster. I have lost 3 bracelets in the last few years. I lost my Pandora bracelet last autumn, that my dad bought me for my 20th. I lost a bracelet my uncle got me for my 21st! I lost like 5 months later. I was well upset. I still am, especially as it meant a lot to me, they both did. So the moral of the story is; NEVER BUY KAYLEIGH A DAMN BRACELET!

I couldn’t sleep Saturday, obviously, so I met an old friend as he finishes work at 2am so we had a catch up. Got back into bed at 3:30am. Still didn’t go to sleep till almost 6am and then was back up at 10 to get ready for the Christening. At the Christening party I only had 2 drinks then we left. As I was leaving I face planted outside. My wedge hit a rock and I fell over. I scraped my hand and knee. Luckily my jeans didn’t rip but my leg is sore, and brusied LOL That’ll teach me for wearing heels. I hardly ever wear them and this is what happens.

I didn’t really do much after the Christening until about half 8. My mom dropped me at the Garage down the road from ours as I was meeting someone. I met the guy and we walked to his. He looks pretty much like his online pics so that is good. I stayed a few hours then I walked myself home. I quite like being outside when it is dark, it was nice and breezy. I didn’t know if he wanted me to text to say I was alive and made it home. I mean, he never asked me to but I did anyway. He did reply but then I didn’t hear from him until today (Wednesday). Not that I am fussed as I am too busy really atm anyway. I just noticed that’s all lol #44

Monday I had work. I was shattered. I haven’t been eating and sleeping properly lately. I don’t know why, I guess I am stressed but I internalise it so I technically don’t realise I am stressed? I tried to catch up on some TiVo and I have been reading my new-ish book, which is on my book challenge page. I try to update it whenever I finish the book I am on etc.

Yesterday wasn’t too bad. I got in from work and had some dinner for a change. I watched some tv then had a nice soak in the bath whilst reading my book. I was definitely asleep BEFORE midnight :)

Today I have no plans after work. And I am actually glad. I just want to get home and chill the F out. I have TiVo still to watch, and I want to dust and hoover my room before bed too. Living the high life ;)

Lunch is over, so am offskies to work hard :P



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