24 days to go

Well I haven’t posted since last Friday, when we got home. Didn’t get up to much that weekend. Sunday I had a banging headache which carried on into Monday so I found myself calling in sick with a migraine. I felt so crappy, and I tried to sleep it off but at 8am some bloody builders turned up to re-fit our bathroom and toilet. I managed to sleep through 2 hours of their noise but at half 10 I couldn’t bear it any longer so I got up, got dressed and went downstairs. I swear I needed my sunglasses surgically attached to my face, I had them on ALL DAMN DAY lol

I had a date on Saturday with a guy I met online. He picked me up from  house at 6ish. We went to dinner, I picked the place as I am such a good damn fussy eater LOL It was so darn hot out and I was still badly sunburned so I tried wearing something that wouldn’t A) make me even hotter and B) rub my flaming sunburn. I settled with a light and airy top but still, sore lol He was really shy, which was really odd for me as I am not shy at all. It took nearly the entire date for him to pluck up the courage to just kiss me. I guess in someways it is cute lol but I don’t really go for cute. He is a relatively nice normal guy though which is always a good thing.

Tuesday I finally went back to work. It was stressful as I’d been away for a week and I clearly had been missed as I had piles of stuff to catchup with on my desk :(
My marine text me that night. I was surprised to hear from him as I hadn’t realised he was still around plus I didn’t expect him to keep in touch. He’s not around for long though. He said he is off on Friday (today) so we met up Tuesday night. Instead of our usual meet, we parked up near mine and got out the car. I led him to the same place I frequent with #38. It was really hot, mostly because he loved the thought of being in the same place as I’ve been with other guys (and yes he knows about every single one, we have an odd sort of “relationship” – not that we ARE in one, I just mean he actually gets off on my antics lol) they’ll keep him amused whilst he is away.
I am really thankful that I met him. He gave me a time to remember, that is for sure. I know he expects me to be writing everything in detail, and yes he does read my blog. He finds it funny that he appears in it, under the name “my marine” or “marine guy”. Unfortunately for him, I am not that graphic on here because he isn’t the only person to read this boring old blog of mine LOL

Wednesday the guy I had the dinner date with came over. We hung out and chatted some. Although he left out a detail about himself. Which he told me later in the week – just to throw that in there now. He lead me to believe he was 27 but he is actually 32 lol Not sure why he lied but anyways, he admitted it later in the week but not after we got close on Wednesday. Ah well, can’t say much I guess I dated a guy 13 years my senior so! #42

Thursday my fave guy came round. He got well moody with me Wednesday because he asked if he could come round and obviously I already had plans. He just assumes I am not busy, and that I sit around waiting for him to be free. I really don’t lmao
We watched the Family. It is well long winded and we was a bit bored tbh. The ending wasn’t too bad but I reckon it was not worth me buying the DVD. Ah well. At least we spent some time together, actually chilling out. #43

Today I had work, like yesterday and whatnot. I love a Friday. My date guy asked if he could pick me up as he wanted to tell me something. As you already know, he had lied about his age. It’s hardly a biggie. But yeah, we had some chinese and chilled out. He left quite late. I am literally just getting into bed now myself.

We have a wedding reception tomorrow and a christening on Sunday. So I am a busy bee for a change.



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