And we returned home

Today we got in the car and returned home. We packed up most of our things last night.

We went swimming in the morning, yesterday, with the 3 kids and my aunt. It was great fun. Reg was a little too short to stand up in the rapids and he kept bobbing up and down LOL

After swimming we all went and got stuff for the beach and off we went. We spent about 4 hours or more down on the sand. The tide kept coming in closer so every 30-40 minutes we had to move our things back a few feet lol it was funny. I was majorly sunburnt when we got back to the caravan. I noticed my shoulders more, when I had jumped in the shower. Mom fell asleep and so did my bro. I was bored so I went into the bedroom to lay down with my phone to facebook some snaps from the beach. Next thing I know it is an hour later and I am waking up on the bed, phone stuck to my arse lol

We got ready for our meal out, and drove to the place. We found a beefeater during our travels to Hasting on Wednesday so we phoned up today and booked a table for 12!!!! Their food is lush. I had steak and chips. Frankie pants was sat next to me in a high chair. He tried to grab my arm with his ketchup covered hands lol messy pup.

Fred climbed up on the table, after he’d been released from his highchair, and helped himself to a glass of coke. He didn’t lift it up, there was a straw so he just started sucking on the straw. He seemed to enjoy the pepsi lol He wasn running around the garden area yelling “daddy”. My aunt says its because she takes them up their dad’s work sometimes and he is a chef so the place is similar to the beefeater. Fred clearly thought his dad was hiding somwhere, bless him.

After dinner we drove back to our site, just us 4. It was quite late and they wanted to get the kids in bed for the journey home tomorrow. No one wants to be in a car with a grumpy kid for 2 hours or more.

On the car journey from our site to my nan’s I noticed Mother Nature had decided to grant me my monthly gift. Don’t remember signing up for it LOL It took us 3 hours to get home. We did stop for some lunch tbf, and got stuck in slow speed areas of the M25 so 3 hours isn’t that bad.

I met up with #38, and btw I figured out his surname myself as he has Instagram lol he is still so hot, even more so now he’d more tanned :P

Not got much planned for the weekend, just get back into work mode I guess…



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